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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Get In The Presence Of The Son

I remember when the movie Superman Returns came out!  As I watched it, I couldn’t help but ponder on a particular scene of the movie.  During this scene, Superman was stabbed with a jagged piece of Kryptonite by the evil villan Lex Luther, and then was beat up and left for dead in the cold ocean.  Fortunately, Superman’s secret admirer, Lois Lane and her fiancée caught a glimpse of  Superman sinking into the ocean depths from a small airplane above.  They managed to land the plane and dive in after Superman to save his life.  By this time, Superman’s strength and energy were depleted from the poisonous affects of the Kryptonite.  While flying back to get Superman medical attention, Lois Lane saw the Kryptonite lodged in his back, and without hesitation, she pulled it out and threw it out of the plane.  It was at this moment that Superman made a remarkable comment.  He said, I must leave and get in the presence of the sun…for it is in the sun’s presence that I get my strength and energy!! (paraphrased)   He then opened the door of the plane and fell out into the thick clouds.  He used his last bit of strength to fly up through the storm into the upper atmosphere.  As the rays of the sun beamed down on him, he was able to regain his strength and energy.     

As Christians we can learn a lot from this scene.  Just as Superman had to get into the presence of the sun to gain his strength and energy, we as Christians need to get into the presence of the Son to gain our strength for everyday life.  It is interesting that Jesus is called the Bread of Life, and Living Water in the scriptures.  These two names give reference to both food and water, which are essential to all living beings.  Without these two basic elements we will die in a very short amount of time.  Well the same is true spiritually.  If we are not spending adequate time with God, then eventually our energy and stamina to face the issues of life, will be depleted and we eventually will lose discernment to know what is best for our lives.  The bible says in

John 15:5
“I am the Vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him, he bears much fruit, for apart from Me you can do nothing.” NAS

The word abide means to spend time with.  As we neglect to spend time with God we are cutting ourselves off from the source that grows our lives.  Just as fruit develops as it remains on the vine, so our lives develop as we remain connected to God.  This means we need to spend time reading the Bible and praying daily.

The bible also indicates in John 1:8-9 that Jesus is the Light of the world.  Light in this passage represents truth.  One interesting characteristic of light is that it illuminates things.  When it is dark in a room, it is difficult…nearly impossible for a person to navigate without bumping into something.  If he is not careful, he could really get hurt.  Having the lights on exposes all the potential danger spots, and helps the person to maneuver around the obstacles to his desired location. 

In the same way, Jesus is our light and He guides us to where we need to go in life.  He wants to lead us down a road that will fulfill us completely and leave us standing in awe of the plan He has marked out for us.  Will it be challenging?  Will it be sometimes scary?  The answer is yes, but as we learn to trust His guidance, we can rest assured that He has good things in store for us.  The problem comes when we stop trusting Him to guide us or we stop spending time with Him to know what direction to take.  Do you find yourself in the midst of a great storm in life and don’t know where to turn?  Do you have to make a decision that will ultimately affect your future?  Are you trying to decide if the person you are dating is the right person for you?  Are you trying to overcome the same sin over and over again without any victory.  Then I want to encourage you to begin spending time with God and let Him begin to guide your steps.  Remember, He is the Light of the world, the Beginning and the End.  He knows exactly what you need in your life and can help prevent costly mistakes.  He also wants to give you strength that will help you to endure the various tests life brings. As God begins to prick at your heart or shows His light on a certain thing you are facing, be quick to obey him.  Maybe its unforgiveness toward someone and God has asked you to forgive him.  Learn to obey God and forgive the person.  It might be hard, but as we sit in the presence of the Son we can have the strength to face the challeges God has asked us to walk through.  You can do it.  You can live a great life!!  Just remember get in the Presence of the Son!


  1. Good stuff Captain! Not only are you an amazing speaker but your writing isn't too shabby either! :)

  2. amen brotha...such an encouraging word! very well written...keep it up!

  3. That's my boy 2note! Great job Cory...keep abiding!