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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

You Have Talents And Abilities

This past July I led a team of 25 people to Haiti to continue with phase two construction of a church building project and began the partnership groundwork with a local hospital in the city of Les Cayes. During the months leading up to our trip, I had a friend introduce me to Lynne Doctor, the founder of Generosity Projects. Lynne was looking for a way to serve the Lord with her gifts and talents. She had always loved sewing and quilting, but never knew she could use her skills for the Lord in that capacity. Over time, God began to stir her heart to start Generosity Projects, which is a ministry using sewing and quilting to meet the needs of others worldwide. Lynne leads and guides a team of volunteer quilters and seamstresses to make various items ranging from blankets for children, protective vests for military dogs for the U.S. military and much more. One branch of Generosity Projects is Griffin’s Gift. The focus of Griffin's Gift is to provide quilts and blankets to orphanages, children in extreme poverty and/or those who have been affected by some catastrophe. These blankets of love give hope and comfort to children and their parents who need the tangible love of God in desperate situations in various places around the world.
Lynne told me she could make blankets for the small children in the Haitian community we were ministering to. So we took 50 blankets from Generosity Projects | Griffin’s Gift and handed them out after church service on a Sunday night. The children and mothers went crazy and were so thankful to receive blankets for their children. One single mother received two blankets for her newborn twin baby boys who were less than a year old. The expressions on each of their faces were of joy and hope because of an act of love from Griffin’s Gift.

Just like Lynne, there are many people in the body of Christ that are wondering how they can be used by the Lord to make a difference in their world. The key is to be who God created you to be. He has given you natural gifts and talents to be stewards over. Don’t try to be something you’re not. In other words, you don’t need to go become a preacher, worship leader, or missionary if that is not the path God has for you or gifted you with. Lots of young Christians jump into something they perceive to be cool, but are they really gifted or called by God in that area. When they get frustrated because it is not working out the way they thought, then they get discouraged and end up on the sidelines of life. Lynne discovered that her calling was centered around the gifts and talents God gave her. As she stepped onto the path that was for her, amazing doors opened up and the fruit of her life grew exponentially. If you are really good at sewing or quilting and you have a burning desire to help others in this capacity then pursue it with all your might. If you are gifted in engineering and your mind thinks in a very structured way, then become the best engineer you can possibly be and do it unto the Lord. If you have a burning desire to teach and are good at it, then become a teacher. The Body of Christ is multifaceted and has many parts. Not all have the same role or abilities. If they did, the body would not function properly. Ask God to help you understand what your gifts and talents are and to lead you down the plan and purpose He has destined you for. True meaning in life is discovering an amazing personal relationship with the Creator and fulfilling the purpose He has for you. Will you focus on what you are good at and not compare yourself to others?
If you are interested in getting involved with Generosity Projects or you would like more information on this ministry, you can contact Lynne Doctor at docsology101@frontier.com. Generosity Projects always needs volunteers. If you would like to take blankets on your next missions trip or have a need for them in some other capacity mentioned, please contact Generosity Projects for project guidelines. All blankets/quilts are delivered by individuals traveling for international adoptions or by mission teams so they have no shipping costs involved and their donations are put directly into the hands of those in need. SOS Project supports deployed military personnel and their families. You can Follow Generosity Projects on Facebook too.

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