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Saturday, September 10, 2011

September 9th | Day 1 in Jordan

Our journalistic team arrived in Jordan on a Royal Jordanian Airplane on Friday evening at 5:45pm. It was a very relaxing 12 hour flight. We each had our own TV monitor and could watch an array of movies, play games, or listen to music at our own leisure. We were provided a dinner and an early morning breakfast, even though it was really like 3:00 in the afternoon in the Middle East. When we arrived at the airport, I noticed they were building a brand new state of the art airport connecting the older one. It was incredible and very modern looking! Upon arrival, we were greeted by out tourism guides and they showed us through customs and even paid for our visas into the country.

Flying over Israel and Jordan was a site to see. It was a lot more modern than I had anticipated and the roads were very much like the States. Although there was an immense desert landscape that just seemed to never end. Once we left the airport on our bus, we headed toward the beautiful city of Amman. We drove around a very nice section of the city and the American Embassy, which was a magnificent building. We were advised not to take pictures of the building for untold reasons. At a first glance, the modern architecture of the city, the roadway systems and the restaurants within Amman reminds me of any advanced culture, way more so than the nation of Haiti that I was just in.

We ate at amazing restaurant tonight called the Blue Fig. It was a very modern looking and the food was exceptional. Everyone enjoyed the candle lit dinner out on the patio. Once we were done eating dinner, we ventured over to the Intercontinental Hotel near downtown Amman. It is luxury at its finest.

Unable to sleep, I am up writing my first blog entry of our adventure at 4am and while contemplating what to journal, I hear some type of music playing all over the city. I assume it has something to do with the Muslim culture we are in, however, I am not sure.

Breakfast comes quite early, followed by a full day in the North of Jordan.

More to write soon

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